Your Top 3 Options for Non-invasive Vaginal Care

Intimate health isn’t something we often talk about, but it is often something we need to pay the most attention to. Pelvic and vaginal pain can strike at any time – particularly after childbirth or as we transition through menopause. These issues can be seriously disruptive as they often accompany sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence, and other concerns.

Good news! – pain doesn’t have to mean surgery. We offer several non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation options here at Grace Gynecology and Wellness. Emsella®, MonaLisa Touch®, and EmFemme 360™ are all viable options to help you get the control and relief you deserve. The question is, which option is best for you? Below is an exploration of each treatment and what you can expect from your visit to our Rockwall, Texas office.

Emsella®: The Incontinence Care Powerhouse

The pain, discomfort, and embarrassment of incontinence can be a lot to bear. Often, this condition seems to strike when we least expect it and make our day-to-day lives difficult. The great news is that this issue can be treated just as soon as it develops, thanks to Emsella®.

In the realm of vaginal care, Emsella® shines as one of the best non-invasive treatments in town. In fact, it may be one of the few treatments that offer relief without the need to change into a medical gown!

This device is essentially a throne that you sit on – that’s it! You sit on the throne, and Emsella® uses high-frequency electromagnetic energy to stimulate and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. This process is neither painful nor damaging. It is merely a method of doing hundreds of kegel exercises in one simple session. The result is a stronger pelvic floor, which translates to greater incontinence control, less pain, and enhanced sexual satisfaction!

MonaLisa Touch®: Wave Goodbye to Vaginal Dryness

Speaking of sexual satisfaction – vaginal pain and discomfort can take a serious toll on our love life. If your intimacy is in the gutter, MonaLisa Touch® may hold the key to getting the pleasure you’ve been itching for.

MonaLisa Touch® is another non-invasive option that uses controlled thermal energy to restore your vaginal tissue. The procedure doesn’t involve any scalpels or operating tables. Instead, this device helps stimulate collagen production through the gentle heat created by laser wavelengths.

More collagen means your body is better able to heal and restore tissue function. When applied to the vaginal area, this translates to tighter vaginal walls, firmer skin, and a dramatic reduction in dryness. All of this is excellent for regaining control in the bedroom.

EmFemme 360™: Radiofrequency for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Don’t worry; if lasers aren’t your thing, we have alternatives. Our EmFemme 360™ treatments offer exceptional collagen stimulation all by using radiofrequency energy. Radiofrequency is basically radio waves – the kind that has been scientifically proven not to harm the human body.

Instead, EmFemme 360™ is the first FDA-approved non-surgical treatment that uses radiofrequency to lift and tighten the labial folds, restoring a youthful and attractive appearance. The treatment also tightens the vaginal canal, producing numerous health benefits. An alternative to labiaplasty and other surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures, this treatment is safe, comfortable, and requires little or no downtime.

Of course, this and the other treatments in our lineup must be individualized to fit your needs. Therefore, the best move you can make is to schedule a consultation with our team at Grace Gynecology and Wellness. Once you arrive, we will work with you to find the best option and the best treatment schedule to fit your needs.

Take Control of Your Vaginal Health Today

Surgery isn’t the only way to restore your vaginal health. Resolve all your vaginal and pelvic pain concerns without surgery here at our Rockwall gynecology center!

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