Stretch Marks

The appearance of stretch marks is very common during pregnancy, rapid growth, or weight gain. Stretch marks are actually tiny scars in the skin that start off red and gradually fade to white. The use of oil and frankincense have been long-standing, traditional methods of addressing this issue. However, these options have not provided promising results. If you’ve noticed the appearance of stretch marks on your thighs, stomach area, back, chest, or arms, our team at Graceful Wellness may be able to help.

Woman squeezing the skin on the side of her body

What Are the Causes?

Stretch marks, also known as striae, show up in the form of scarring and discoloration. These marks are common among pregnant women, but may also occur as a result of weight gain or adolescent growth spurts.

Striae occur due to an increase in cortisone in the body. When levels of this hormone rise, it can reduce skin pliability while causing the skin to stretch. Cortisone prevents fibroblasts from forming collagen and elastin fibers and leads to the ridges in the skin typically associated with stretch marks.

What Are the Signs?

Thankfully, stretch marks don’t cause any adverse symptoms aside from their visual appearance. While harmless, many people work to reduce the appearance of these marks to restore the smoothness of their skin. If left untreated, stretch marks may gradually fade to white, but rarely disappear completely. Striae are scars on the body and are permanent without intervention.

At our Rockwall medspa, we offer laser treatments using the SmartXide Skin™ resurfacing system to help address this issue.

Stretch Mark Reduction with SmartXide Skin™

The SmartXide Skin™ laser works by creating thousands of microscopic perforations, which induce immediate skin tightening. Along with this, the device stimulates new collagen growth, improving your skin’s texture and tone, thereby diminishing the signs of imperfections. Treatment with this device is relatively fast and results in no downtime after your session.

Treating Stretch Marks in Rockwall, TX

Easing the appearance of skin discoloration and scarring is one of our specialties here at Graceful Wellness. If you’re interested in improving the appearance of your skin, we welcome you to schedule an appointment today. Get started by calling us at (469) 769-1961. We look forward to seeing you!