Hormone Replacement Therapy

Are you feeling sluggish or fatigued? Do you experience sudden shifts in mood? Drastic lifestyle changes, aging, and the onset of menopause are just some of the issues that contribute to hormonal imbalance. When our bodies are not in optimal balance, our overall health can be seriously impacted. If you are experiencing symptoms associated with menopause, our hormone replacement therapy services may be right for you. The hormone treatments offered at Grace Gynecology are designed to meet your specific needs and help you regain your ideal state of health.

What Is BioTE®?

BioTE® Hormone Replacement (BHRT) is a form of pellet therapy helpful for both men and women undergoing hormonal changes. For women, BioTE® hormone pellets can be used to restore inner balance and improve moderate to severe menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes, and more. For men, these pellets can improve libido and overall sexual performance. Scan the QR code to order BioTE® today!

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What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy was designed to help everyone regain their hormonal balance and alleviate symptoms of certain conditions. Commonly administered in the form of pellets, hormone supplements can increase your energy, and improve moderate to severe menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes, and more. These treatments can also manage PCOS symptoms and even help sexual performance. An added benefit of this therapy treatment is a reduced risk of diabetes, tooth loss, and cataracts.

What Does This Treatment Address?

The beauty of hormone replacement therapy is that it can be formulated to treat a variety of problems. PCOS, for example, is a hormonal disorder that causes enlarged ovaries with small cysts to develop. Hormone replacement can reduce the size of these ovaries and decrease the development of cysts. For those in need of menopausal help, these supplements can alleviate some of the most common symptoms that come with this natural phenomenon. These include mood swings, night sweats, hot flashes, and more.

What Can I Expect?

Hormone replacement therapy treatments can provide gradual improvement in mood, energy levels, and regulation of menopause symptoms. Moreover, this therapy system has been shown to provide cardiovascular benefits in the form of lower levels of plaque buildup in the heart’s arteries. Through consistent treatment, you’ll be more able to enjoy better sleep, sexual function, and overall quality of life.

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Rockwall, TX

If you are having a difficult time regulating your system, Grace Gynecology is ready to help. We offer effective treatment courses that will give you the power to improve your life and restore your wellness. To get in touch with Dr. Shisler and the rest of our team, give us a call at (469) 769-1961.