PRP / PRFM Treatments

There is a school of thought that the best treatments for skin and hair are the most natural, that substances from your own body are the most likely to have healing and rejuvenating properties. This is the theory behind PRP/PRFM, a modern medical treatment for various aesthetic concerns. At Graceful Wellness, we’re proud to provide this natural treatment option to those looking for a skin rejuvenation treatment free of external additives.

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PRP stands for Platelet-Rich-Plasma. Platelets are a component in your blood that are extremely rich in growth factors. The idea behind PRP is that we extract the platelets from your own blood to create a solution that we then inject back into a targeted area to improve either hair growth or skin tone and texture. The PRP procedure we use is called the Selphyl® Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix System, or PRFM. We find this system to be the most effective at unlocking the powers of your platelet-rich plasma.

PRP for Hair Restoration

One area of PRP/PRFM treatment that has been of particular interest for men but can work for women is hair restoration. We inject the PRFM directly into the vascular layer of the scalp to increase blood flow to the follicles and promote renewed, thicker hair growth.

PRP for Skin Rejuvenation

When using PRP for skin rejuvenation, we combine it with microneedling. Microneedling is the creation of many tiny micro-injuries in the target area. This signals the body to send collagen to the area and begin healing. At this time, we introduce platelet-rich plasma to boost the healing process, ideally resulting in skin that heals with a more smooth texture, less discoloration, and fewer blemishes than before.

Are These Treatments Safe?

PRP is very safe. The amount of blood we take is minimal, less than a blood test, and is drawn by professionals who have done it hundreds of times before. Since it is your blood, it is also quite safe for reintroduction to your body. The procedure can be performed in less than an hour and results in very little downtime.

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At Graceful Wellness, we look forward to introducing you to this exciting new treatment, whether you’re looking for smoother, clearer skin or help with hair loss issues. To learn more about the benefits of this treatment, we urge you to connect with our office today to set up a consultation and find out if PRP/PRFM is suitable for you. Book your appointment by calling (469) 769-1961.