Happy Healthy Aging Month From Graceful Wellness!

September was once thought of as the month of dry skin. The changing of the leaves is also a skincare signal that we should never ignore. Fortunately, September has now been designated as Healthy Aging Month – prompting our Graceful Wellness team to give you all the tools you need to maintain the healthy skin you deserve.

Our favorite anti-aging options for September are BOTOX® Cosmetic, ZO® Skin Care Products, and lasers. Which one is right for you? – we’re here to break it down! All of our options are provided with the care and attention needed to give your body the rockstar treatment it deserves. Explore our options below and get in touch to schedule your appointment here at our Rockwall, Texas office.

The Anti-Aging Magic of BOTOX® Cosmetic

Time marches forward and brings untold surprises along for the ride. Wrinkles are something we can all expect but not something we can always prepare for. The good news is that with BOTOX® Cosmetic, we don’t have to! This popular, well-regarded injectable treatment is an ideal option for easing the appearance of wrinkles in several areas of your face.

BOTOX® Cosmetic works by blocking nerve signals that cause muscle movement in the face. This removes wrinkles and prevents them from appearing again for 3-6 months. The best part? – this injectable doesn’t require downtime, and the only side effect you can expect is some redness – that’s a deal and a half!

Celebrate Healthy Aging Month with ZO® Skin Care

ZO® Skin Care is among the best skincare product lines around. These time and laboratory-tested products were created by Dr. Zein Obagi, a Board-Certified Dermatologist who pioneered advanced skincare solutions based on his philosophy of creating healthy skin instead of merely treating disease and damage.

Protecting your skin during the autumn months is paramount to staving off the damaging signs of age. Self-care is made all the easier thanks to ZO® Skin Care. This line features anti-aging solutions like Daily Power Defense, Instant Pore Refiner, and more. Each tool is formulated to address specific areas of skin concern, giving you the protection you need without excess.

Indulge in Our Healthy Aging Laser Solutions

Finally, here at Graceful Wellness, we step beyond skincare and injectables, giving you a more potent option for addressing advanced aging woes. Our IPL Photofacial treatment is among our most popular laser options for addressing various skin issues.

This device is non-invasive and an excellent option for getting rid of sun damage, acne, brown spots, and more. Treatment time depends on the size and number of areas treated, but it generally takes one hour to perform a procedure. Results can be seen within 1-3 weeks as your skin heals.

Begin Your Healthy Aging Month at Graceful Wellness

Start September on the right foot here at Graceful Wellness. We offer a range of treatments ideal for giving you the gorgeous anti-aging results you deserve. Get in touch and ask us about the options above or our other treatment offerings.

Getting started is simple. Book your appointment by calling us at (469) 200-3293 or clicking the button below. Take control of your beauty with Graceful Wellness today!