4 Facts About Laser Hair Removal You Need to Know

Razor shaving is going the way of the dinosaurs, and that’s a good thing! You’ve likely heard of laser hair removal by now. Perhaps you’re curious and maybe a little skeptical. At Graceful Wellness Medspa, we arm our clients with all the info they need before they make a decision on their beauty. Hair removal services are no exception. While we all know that lasers beat razors, some of us may still be in the dark about the details of these treatments. We’re here to clear things up!

Below are four essential facts you must be aware of before your laser hair removal session. We hope this key information can help you decide whether this treatment is right for you. Get in touch with our Rockwall, TX office today for more details!

1. The Sky’s The Limit With Laser Hair Removal

Laser devices have come a long way. In the past, these systems were limited to only treating certain skin pigments. You see, laser systems direct light beams at follicles, causing permanent damage, so hair no longer grows. They do this by focusing on the contrast between dark hair and light skin. Therefore, older laser hair removal systems could only treat those with light complexions.

New advances in laser hair removal have gotten rid of this limitation. Here at Graceful Wellness, we use the ICON™ laser to give you smooth, hair-free results. This device is quick, effective, and works on virtually all skin types!

2. Laser Hair Removal Is Actually Super Safe

Let’s be honest; laser hair removal isn’t entirely painless. However, the heat and the mild stinging you’re likely to experience during a session are far more tolerable than the discomfort and irritation of razor shaving. What’s more, sessions with our laser device are quite safe.

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In fact, laser hair removal received FDA approval back in 1997. Since then, devices like the ICON™ have only represented improvements in technology. Here at our office, we prioritize safety while giving you the maximum results possible.

3. There Are Hardly Any Side Effects

One of the main benefits of laser hair removal is that side effects tend to be mild. After treatment, some people can have temporary redness, itching, and minor swelling. But, these side effects usually go away within a few hours, and most can be soothed by applying aloe vera to the skin.

Opting for this hair removal method is certainly worth it, considering the lengthy benefits and how mild the discomfort you experience will likely be after your visit. Speaking of results…

4. Results Last for a Really, Really Long Time

Razor shaving has to be repeated. The lucky few shave every 4-6 days, but most people have to shave every 2-3 days to maintain their smooth skin. That’s way too often! What if we told you that you could have the smooth skin you deserve for months? With laser treatments, it’s possible.

Laser treatments offer near-permanent smoothness. This is because it affects hair follicles directly. By destroying the hair at its source prevents it from growing back for a very long time – we’re talking several months. When the hair does grow back, it typically appears finer than before and can easily be removed again with a follow-up session. This is both time and cost-effective.

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