4 Benefits of Treating Your Skin with IPL Photofacials

Let’s set the record straight. Though many over-the-counter creams and serums claim to improve your skin, few deliver dramatic results. While it’s true that you can notice some differences, the benefits of these products are often too subtle to pay any mind to. The good news is that injectable treatments and surgery aren’t the only options for improving your skin. Intense pulsed light, or IPL Photofacials, offers a non-invasive and effective option for getting the dramatic results you deserve.

These treatments use concentrated pulses of light energy to address various skin concerns. Along with being non-invasive, this treatment method offers several exciting benefits. Read on to learn more about what IPL Photofacials can do and how they can impact your skin. For more information, contact our office and schedule your consultation today!

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1. IPL Photofacials Are Perfect for Treating Acne

Sure, acne creams and home remedies are a couple of ways you can handle acne, but if you want long-lasting results, IPL Photofacials are the way to go. These treatments tackle the causes of acne and its long-lasting effects (acne scarring).

IPL’s laser energy kills harmful bacteria trapped in your pores, thereby reducing the redness and inflammation associated with acne. Having several IPL Photofacial treatments exfoliates the skin and promotes collagen production. Over time, these two processes reduce scar tissue and give you smoother, more beautiful skin.

2. Say Goodbye to Broken Capillaries

One of the most common go-to methods for treating broken capillaries is sclerotherapy. This technique involves the injection of a solution into the vessels to cause their collapse and reabsorption. While convenient, it isn’t exactly the most comfortable treatment – nor is the downtime afterward something that people want to deal with.

IPL, on the other hand, offers a non-invasive solution to the problem of unsightly blood vessels. The energy emitted from this treatment is absorbed effectively by red blood cells. Once absorbed, this energy causes vessels to collapse and dissolve – giving you results with little to no discomfort and hardly any downtime.

3. IPL Photofacials Aren’t Just for The Face

Don’t let the title fool you – while IPL Photofacials are typically used for facial rejuvenation, they can actually be used in several areas of the body. So, if you have signs of sun damage or hyperpigmentation in any of the following areas, this treatment is definitely worth considering:

  • The neck
  • The upper chest
  • The shoulders
  • The hands
  • The arms
  • The legs

4. Quick Treatment Times and Little-to-no Downtime

IPL Photofacials are controlled treatments. This means that the energy used can be adjusted enough to access the deep layers of your skin without causing excessive swelling, redness, or lasting irritation. Given this precision and gentleness, it’s no surprise that most people can return to their daily activities within 24-48 hours after treatment.

Best of all, most treatments take as little as 30 minutes to perform! When you couple the low downtime and little discomfort with the treatment duration, an IPL Photofacial sounds more tempting than most laser resurfacing treatments (let alone surgery).

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